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4/30/23 But Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear! Matthew 13:16 KJV

In My Spirit I heard the Words upon waking, "We turned the corner." Amen! It IS also the last Day of April 2023! God is speaking a very Significant message to Us, God's people, on Time!

I need to share that Our God is revealing to Us, God's people, our Tribes. Pay attention. We have been Asking God, who are they? Have any of you been in Awe and Wonder and Wowed and spoke the word 'Interesting' by how many people have been in your path with the same name? That IS God revealing to Us the names of the people that are in our Tribes, already established in the Spirit, to manifest and come into fruition in the Natural, if not already with some of them. God is also revealing them through Dreams with people in our Dreams with the same name and are in alignment with the same names of the people that are in our path. God is revealing to Us our New Families!

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